Worlds Sexiest Little Person: See The Incredibly Sexy 4 Foot 10 Model Everyone Is Talking About

Worlds Sexiest Little Person

No doubt this Houston model with  the nickname Bab Doll is fast becoming famous on Instagram for being the sexiest little person online.

The Instagram model has a height of 4 ft 10 inches and, according to Little People of America, dwarfism is when an adult has a height of 4 ft 10 inches or shorter. That means Bab Doll can be classified as one of the Little People, but she is not letting her height affect her self-esteem.

Bab Doll has a lot of confidence in spite of her height and people have noticed and come to be appreciative of her. She is being referred to as the sexiest little person online.

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Worlds Sexiest Little Person

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